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AS ÚNICAS COISAS ETERNAS SÃO AS NUVENS (THE ONLY ETERNAL THINGS ARE THE CLOUDS) is a dance performance that cultivates the synthetic power of images, metaphors, unusual associations and so many other resources from the poetry of one of the most extraordinary figures of Brazilian literary expression, the poet Mario Quintana. 

On stage are mythical beings – the poet`s angels – who from the voice of their creator and the inspiring music, move through the day by day situations. They experience the opposites – so present in Butoh – such as beauty and decrepitude, simplicity and complexity, the comic and the tragic; and in this ludic way, through poetry, the audience is taken to a magical world, far beyond the dualities. 

It is a delicate and aesthetically striking spectacle, incorporating Butoh dance as a way to give life to the characters drawn from the universe of the poet’s works, whose lyrical genius is expressed in a simple and accessible way.

 In the Eastern view, expressed in the Butoh dance, the interpreter not only dance to his or her own pleasure, but to revive something much bigger. The invitation is to get the public involved to dive into this adventure.

Synopsis of the Spectacle

The show AS ÚNICAS COISAS ETERNAS SÃO AS NUVENS proposes a choreographic journey through the work of the poet Mario Quintana and through Butoh dance. The title brings this poet’s perception about time, the water cycle and the changes that take place after the passage of clouds – eternal in every moment.

Choreographer João Butoh account: “Since I was a child I have cut out poems and verses by Mario Quintana that I found in newspapers and magazines. These pieces that come from the universe of the poet bring life to other pieces, which I borrow for my dance, for my own universe, strongly inspired by these small details and fragments I collected throughout my life.” The choreographer’s relationship with the work of the poet who wrote about the simple things in life, plus the meeting with PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA brought to life the spectacle  AS ÚNICAS COISAS ETERNAS SÃO AS NUVENS. An immersion into the origin of the expression.

In what corner of  the heart intoxicated by poetic musicality the intention of the dance emerges? When the poet’s verses resonate with the soul, a subtle and profound movement that reaches the outside world by mobility or immobility of body gestures arises. An expression that goes beyond the ideas, impenetrable in this area. A sensory explosion. AS ÚNICAS COISAS ETERNAS SÃO AS NUVENS dance the  poetry and the dancers are led by the innocence and simplicity of this meeting, guided by the hands of the choreographer João Butoh and the voice of the Master Mario Quintana chanting his poems.


In an old attic are the creator and his creations. In this place, lost in time, the poet Quintana talks with his angels. Together they bring to the scene those elements so recurrent in his work: the trunk, books, weathervanes, the Lampion, shoes, dolls and birds. The visual spectacle, full of surprises, produces the sensation of leafing through a picture book live 3D, the universe of the work of Mario Quintana.

Costume Design

Mario Quintana’s angels, like chameleons, are transformed during the show. Follow the moods and feelings of his Master, changing clothes as they bring up new dreams, memories and desires of the poet. The white makeup – typical of the butoh dance – aesthetically complete the costume style  which features hand-painted flower to stylized kimonos that refer to Eastern culture.


The soundtrack of the show goes from classical music to Brazilian folk and also songs from Quintana’s time. The highlight are quotes from the poet himself,leading the movements of the dancers. A soundtrack that creates an emotional impact, reaching the heart of every viewer and making each person experience their own poetry.

Elena Quintana said: “I think that the work of Mario Quintana is very rhythmic and musical, so the idea is not crazy, it is a challenge. By itself, poetry has rhythm, has its own musicality. And the approach of the Company is to combine both aspects.”


Helping to create a magical atmosphere of melodies and movements, we have Maurício Moura lighting. The illuminator is also guided by the master Quintana, immersed in his words Maurício gives the viewers all possible nuances to picture the poet’s poetry.


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