POA CIA de DançaPOA CIA de Dança

Creative Economy

PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA is the need to dance. A citizenship action of individuals with multidisciplinary vocation, professionals with a high profile in their areas taking on the responsibility to create a world-class contemporary dance company. A group of people who realized the need for a centre of excellence in the arts, a motivator hub in this south of Brazil that can fully satisfy what professional dancers over the years had to seek in other Brazilian regions and abroad.

To develop the PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA is to build an artistic and economic alternative, as dance and art in general, as well as technology products, belong to the intellectual property of a society therefore the most valuable resources. Brazil is internationally recognized by its musical, dance and visual arts richness. Our dance company connects this culture abundance with regional expressions to present to the public an original dance, in tune with its time, based on ethics, discipline and transparency to achieve excellence.

PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA is another face of Brazil.

The Company

The PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA is a consolidated project that arose from the joint and creative efforts of the community, attracting the attention and the support from both private and public sector.

Since the beginning, the performance of the dance company has been based upon two premises: artistic independence and autonomous management. 

Through seeking artistic independence, the Company chooses not to have a resident choreographer, to achieve greater diversity in the dance, through the most current contemporary languages developed in Brazil and abroad, under the guidance and aesthetic vision of an artistic director. This interaction happens through exchanges between dancers and technicians, aiming to expand capacity and creating new references. The professionalization of dance in Porto Alegre is essential to enable the company to achieve artistic excellence, as well as always innovating the ways of communication through simple and universal language.

When working with an independent management, the Company seeks the financial resources for its maintenance through development of cultural projects from both public and private sectors. Managing the projects efficiently and with transparency, it also makes use of market opportunities, as the name of the company acquires more and more public recognition. The planning and management are focused on self-sustainability and financial independence through free market relations.  The conception and management of a cultural project requires a multidisciplinary team, motivated and engaged in the dream of building a dance company with international level but with Porto Alegre DNA.

The PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA is the overlapping of public and private interest, working in harmony for the development of dance and dissemination the Brazilian culture of our region.


Strategic Planning

What drive us

A dance company represents a reference to its community. The PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA takes the responsibility to transmit values such as discipline, hard and daily work, respect, ethics, transparency and efficiency. Far beyond theory, it is in the daily contact and practice that we express our conduct. The values that guide us are present for being part of a conscience, not as an enacted norm. This constant reassurance will forge the Company’s personality and will disseminate to the world the principles of our people, cultural traits and history of our region. For us, the ends do not justify the means; it’s rather the opposite. Our main goal is to develop ourselves as we walk on the path.

Nevertheless, an attitude of art that involves discipline can also include jumps, ruptures and insights. It is in the interaction with the community that the Company shows its greatest value, transforming itself in the alchemical cauldron that turns into gold the contrasts of the society and the intimate frictions. The result of this alchemy provides innovative contents, as well as an immense satisfaction conducting the process. This contagious energy spreads around creating new opportunities for exchange and improvement. Our tools are performances, workshops, open classes in public places, public auditions for new dancers, theory courses. On top of this activities, as we noticed a lack of structure in the formation of new dancers, we created the PORTO ALEGRE CIA DE DANÇA SCHOOL. Each of the initiatives proposes a new interaction with the community, allowing everyone to absorb something, owning the experience promoting adevelopment in people consciousness. The strategy is to respond to the demands with our ability and vocation.

Making it feasible with our own hands

We are a multidisciplinary team, self-motivated, and often self-financed and managed, always committed. Thisresponsibility arises from a deep longing to make the difference. A group of people interested in seeking for solutions that would enable innovations, turning difficulties into quantumleaps. These people are the living example of an alternative approach to money, the way we found to accomplish projects. What guides our action is a common mission, unfolded in strategic objectives, implemented through Projects.

The Company works articulating governmental sectors, society and market, aiming to place culture as a central link in the development of the local community. Gradually the Company’s values combined with the actions and the products will represent the strengthening of the brand,allowing partnership with companiesin search for this identity, providing a new self-sustainable cycle.


Acting as a contemporary dance Company, our mission is to provide a fertile environment, where people can expand their skills and potential through creative projects, open workshops, artistic exchanges and partnerships; Offering to the public high quality, unique and exciting dance performances,and to the investors, supporters and stakeholders an excellent return of investment.

Future vision

To be an internationally recognized dance company, made of high-performance dancers, working with qualified professionals from various fields in a collaborative environment, immersed in a stable and self-sustainableinfrastructure, allow the creation and assembling of dance spectacles that contribute in a creative, innovative and meaningful way to society.